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Skate The River


Skate the River

This is “Skate The River,” a Hockey Podcast. Our name comes from the legendary motion picture, Mystery Alaska, widely regarded as the greatest hockey movie of 1999. “Did you hear about that week’s kid? He’s been skating the river.” and since the two hosts, Ryan J Matlack and Corey J Hanlon began playing intramural floor hockey, that reference has always been over-utilized as an excuse for tardiness. Or improved play. 


Why is Jonesy late? 

Oh, he's just skating the River.


Had tickets but got to the game late...

was Skating the River.


Christ, you can actually lift the puck off the ice!

I’ve been skating the river.


What makes us different? We acknowledge that there are better sounds to hear in this world than our voices. So we barrage our audience with a soundtrack of goal horns, legendary play-by-play, and of course great music. Along with great guests and running jokes, it’s your go-to podcast for maximum hockey entertainment. Please enjoy.



Corey Hanlon

Ryan Matlack

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